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Deocrating Home with plants

Move all of place

One of the simple home maintenance and improvement tips is to reuse things you already have and arrange them differently. Go around your home and think about how the elements of a room can be adapted to the decoration of another room and watch major changes notes with small changes in the different rooms.

Decorate with plants

The houseplants are a great embellishment that will add a special natural touch to any room in your home also help clean the air and keep it fresh.

Visit a nursery and choose some plants that suit your home. Be sure to learn the kind of care your plants need – the amount of sunlight, how often watered, etc. – To keep them in good condition.

Appeals to the senses

The decor is not only appearance, because it stimulates all the senses. There are textures that beg to be touched, like a soft leather chair cushions or silk curtains, etc. If you are painting, you can even add texture to paint a wall, it will be interesting to behold, but it is also very likely that you can not resist spending your hands when you’re walking the walls at home.

You can also incorporate scented candles, incense, scented oils … and everything that you like to wrap home with a pleasant fragrance.

Add color

Sometimes a touch of color is all you need. Choose a color to accent (two maximum) to complement or contrast with the current color scheme. Then do the color flashes in different parts of the room; if, for example, choose red, put a pair of red pillows on the bed or sofa.

Use small accessories such as candles, picture frames, vases and covers of books, to accentuate the color at the tables and shelves.

Clean the house

A room looks better when it is clean and tidy . The first step is to organize, sort and throw away the unnecessary things. Then you must be creative / a with the containers and spaces for group objects and get fit well ordered.

Actually, redecorate a house no brainer. Just start moving things and remember the ideas they come out of your head.