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Home Furniture Maintenance Tips


To repair the wood must open the nut, peel and then very gently rub over the surface of wood that we leave no streaks. Slowly we will see how walnut pulp is melted with the wood and the line disappears. You should make sure you spend the nut in the direction of the grain (fine lines) of wood. Remove scratches easily with a nut. While we have already recommended this tip, it is worth remembering again.

Prevent the chair legs from scratching the floor

The legs of the wooden chairs are in a room with a polished floor, need waxing soles of the “legs” of the chairs for them to slide more easily over the floor, and not scratched. You can also hit a little square of carpet.

Clean wood furniture

To clean the wood and leave bright, mixture of equal parts wine vinegar and olive oil and rub the wood with a cotton cloth. But another trick that you can run is to mix an equal portion of water and white vinegar or cleaning , and add the mixture to a cotton cloth. Rub the cabinet or piece of wood with a rag until the product layers are gone and the material looks clean and in perfect condition.