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Home Improvement Ideas for different rooms of your home


Once part of the work is covered, you need to redecorate the house. Many times people try to homes we have inherited, but this does not mean that it is time to modernize and redecorate it to our liking. Whenever you want, you can, take advantage of traditional furniture (it takes a lot!),

Remember that second homes are generally smaller houses, so you have to take care and optimize each of the spaces. Always looking for functionality and ease of use of the pieces, but do not give up yourself with some design furniture. Remember that this is a house that will be closed a long time, so booking the best pieces for your habitual residence where enjoy daily. And if you do not want to spend much, visit the designer furniture outlets and online stores. Buy from home and have it delivered to where you tell them.

The bedroom

Some people think that because they are only a few days no matter the quality of the furniture they buy, and they are very wrong. Because they can be a great vacation becomes a nightmare from which we want to avoid.

One of the key things is the bed. Grab a quality mattress to ensure you a deep sleep. Spare no expense in electing him as a bad mattress may bring you back pain, headaches and moodiness to get up. To ensure the storage space, we recommend that you buy a couch with drawers or hollow helpful. In this way, you can keep your things from dust-free throughout the year without spoilage. In addition, space will free lockers for your stuff.

In the case of the dormitories of the children in the house, do not hesitate and grab nests beds and other models with up to 3 beds. They will live it as an adventure and rooming be fun.

The living room

Here you should think about how much or little you will use and what activities. For example, if it is a mountain house to which you usually go in winter, you may be interested in buying a fireplace bio-ethanol. They are very safe and non toxic fumes, but just as magical as traditional and give off much heat, you save on heating.

If you only use it as a room to watch TV, get a couple of comfortable chairs or sofas and furniture for the TV with cable management system to make it all organized and hidden.

If you are a fan of new technologies and you can not live without computer or Internet, creates a small office area here with a high side table, a computer and a swivel chair with wheels. You really enjoy.

Dining room

Often we take the break to meet with friends and family, so we are frequent meals with more people living at home. For this, you can not miss a extensible table. Measure the room well and grab adequate. Thus, when you may be few, liberate space to keep it closed but eat comfortably in the extended version when you have visitors.

Top with other dining furniture design as a dresser to store flatware or a shopping bar to prepare a drink.