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How to decorate a Garden style chill out


The style chill out looking for relaxation, it all started as a musical genre but this philosophy has spread to different parts of our lives, including of course the decor. In UnComo we are aware of the importance of this style to decorate our homes and outdoor areas, so in this article we explain how to decorate a garden style chill out so you do not miss anything. You are ready?

It is simple and you will get ahead of many problems is a project previously done before decorating. The best thing to do is take a pencil and paper and draw your garden, noting trees and other parts that can not be changed. So you can see at a glance the best location for your new chill out area .

Obviously every garden is different, so each will have a different starting position. If you can, we recommend that you integrate the chill out as much as possible in nature and that will help you isolate yourself from everything around you and get a more private setting.

The chillout areas are designed to share with friends and family, so you’ll need to have enough space for when you have visitors, so keep this in mind when projecting.

The furniture chillout in Outdoors

In many gardens have outdoor dining, this is great but it is good to separate it from the chill out area . In this corner we will need to build sofas, poufs Outdoor, chairs, chaise and chairs, that is, more casual seating to help create a relaxed atmosphere.

One of the first things you have to think about is whether you’re going to place it under a pergola, awning or tent. Sun protection is important, but chooses an alternative that makes you feel in nature and you enjoy the sunshine and the cool summer nights.

As for furniture, for example, you can opt for sofas as Bay Majestic Garden, or Slide Chubby Vondom Blow, to name models of some of the most important manufacturers of furniture.

It is always advisable to have some kind of extra seat for when you have more guests than usual. You can choose benches or stools light and easy to move garden so you can have them placed elsewhere normally, but for specific moments bring to this area. We propose Wheely Twist or Slide.

A part of the seats, another thing you can not miss are the assistants or center tables. These spaces usually sit to share moments of leisure and lectures, but also coffee and drinks. So it is necessary to provide comfort and everyone easily reach the tables you have.

Apart from this, you will need light. In this case you can opt for furniture with light or outdoor lamps, ideally have a mix of both. We recommend that any of the furniture include light and gives a special and modern touch, but also opt for colored furniture. You can choose two colors like green and blue (two very summery colors) and complete with white furniture with light.

Also, you can include potted plants to put light where to give a more natural feel. We suggest that flowering plants are to bring joy and color, and even if you put the chill out on other land relative to surrounding, which signals the outline with LED light strips.

This season looks full of novelties but if there is one striking of all is the bull dome . It is a design stool also becomes speaker for music. It is ideal for creating chill out spaces. So do not be missed!