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Tips on caring for Wooden furniture for your Home


Some time ago I was moving and building a furnished a new apartment house, but no furniture, I started to see old furniture with the idea of finding some things, mainly tables, chairs and a pantry for the kitchen. After seeing dozens of photographs and advertisements furniture, finished surprised a deal I found, was a complete traveler woman who went to live in France with her daughter, almost he gave their stuff! The problem was that he wanted to sell it all together, so I got together with a couple of friends and we bought it.

Furniture, beautiful, though a bit shabby. Maybe that’s why a few weeks I have become a sort of “expert” in cleaning, care and maintenance of furniture, as both work taught me many things that I will now recommend to you.

Renew old paint furniture

There are painting furniture a bit shabby, and you do not want to re-paint it, simply clean with mild detergent (neutral pH), let dry and then rub well a cloth soaked in mineral oil. That will cause the paint to “revitalize” the results will surprise you. This is good advice for wooden furniture have better maintenance.

Remove crayon marks in furniture

To remove crayon marks , there is no better solution to rub mayonnaise in the area of furniture in crayon (no, these kids!). Once you get past the mayonnaise you must leave for a few minutes, then wipe the area clean with a damp cloth.

Renewing wood varnish

If your wood furniture has a lacquer or wax finish , it is best cleaned with lemon oil, or with scented mineral oil, all embedded in a very soft cotton cloth. Once you clean the surface thoroughly, you must pass a specialized aerosol polishing wood, as Blem.

Remove wax candles

It seems that this lady will lit candles to a saint (or something similar) above the beautiful table that I bought. Maybe that was the most difficult to remove. A friend who is dedicated to the restoration told me to use a hair dryer – in temperature mode. – To soften the wax must be careful not to spend temperature and burn the wood. When the wax is soft, use a napkin remove wax paper.

If the wax is too dry and hard, you can try a clothes iron to soften it. You should be more careful so use with caution only for heating the wax and not burn wood.